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The following article was originally published in the November 1996 issue of Equus magazine (No. 229). This is the best and most comprehensive article we have seen on the subject of blind horses. The author is Laura Hillenbrand, who wrote the New York Times bestseller Seabiscuit: An American Legend.

We are grateful to Laura and to Equus for permission to post her article on this Web site.

We scanned in the original article and created two PDFs. One is for on-screen viewing at a lower resolution and the other is for printing at a higher resolution.

Leading the Blind. Horses can overcome vision loss to live happy and productive lives with a little help from their friends. By Laura Hillenbrand. Equus 229. Pages 71-79. Nov. 1996.

Leading the Blind (512 KB PDF for on-screen viewing)

Leading the Blind (3 MB PDF for printing)

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