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Resources / Links • Practical Management of Blind Horses

The following chapter was written by Dr. Ann Dwyer, a New York equine veterinarian with a special interest in blind horses. Dr. Dwyer contributed the chapter to the recently published book Equine Ophthalmology, by Brian Gilger, DVM, MS.

Practical Management of Blind Horses (712 KB PDF)

Reprinted from Equine Ophthalmology, Brian C. Gilger, Chapter 13, Practical Management of Blind Horses, pages 449-456, copyright 2005, with permission from Elsevier. You can order this excellent book directly from the publisher here.

We'd like to thank the book's publisher, Elsevier, for giving us permission to post this chapter on our Web site. We are grateful to both Dr. Dwyer and Dr. Gilger for supporting our request to make this chapter available.

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